Stoko Professional Skin Care Introduces Innovations At A+a; Total Protection For Healthy Skin At Work

After all, ‘Stokolan has been the namesake of the skin care segment in our new brand concept. ‘Outstanding care, extremely popular or ‘simply super’ are just a few of the attributes our customers have been passing back to us, time and again, over the last years,’ explains Ramirez-Weyershausen. ‘The combination of tradition and innovation is what determines the success of our work. Established products, constant innovation, high-quality ingredients, the best possible effectivity and skin compatibility are the driving forces behind our competence and our success,’ she concludes. Travabon – for oily contamination, dirt protection, facilitates cleansing of the skin; Stokoderm – for water-based substances as well as special applications like protective clothing, UV-radiation Hand hygiene Stokosept – two gels for hand disinfection without water, one product for hygienic hand wash (biocidals) Skin cleansing Estesol – liquid skin cleansers for daily contamination; Solopol – solvent-free skin cleansers for medium to extra heavy-duty contamination; Kresto – Special cleansers for removal of various types of stubborn and adhesive contamination Skin care Stokolan – skin care for normal to very dry and sensitive skin Company information Evonik, the creative industrial group from Germany, is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals.
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The best skin care tips for the fall season

Olive oil

“A type of age spot called seborrheic keratosis slowly starts forming on your skin over time, including your back. They are rough, usually brown, scaly and not very attractive as they thicken and grow. Most people think they are “moles” and inevitable, but they are most definitely NOT,” says Cynthia Bailey, M.D., Board Certified Dermatologist, and President and CEO, Advanced Skin Care and Dermatology Physicians. Decolletage: The decolletage area (lower neck and upper chest) is an often neglected but as we mature, age spots, wrinkles, white and red blotches appear on the neck and upper chest.
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Where You Should Be Using Anti-Aging Skin Care (Besides Your Face)

And just like the seasons change, so does our skin care regimen. In no time at all, skin will naturally become more dehydrated and sensitive. While this is a normal seasonal occurrence, the right skin care products can help add hydration to minimize the appearance of those facial fine lines and lackluster skin. People are really shocked to hear their skin care regimen should have a fall line-up, said the spokesperson from Skin Care Heaven , an e-commerce store based in San Diego with professionals on hand for skin care product advice.
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